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DAMOR Cream Saturated Dressing - DAMOR Saturation Cream - DAMOR Tissue Moisturizer

Damor Italy was founded in 1943 in Naples, Italy. In the early days, Damor products containing plant extracts were produced primarily for local consumers from a small rented laboratory and were used to cure problems associated with the dermis (skin).

A merger with the Gruppo Riccio Inc in 1946 resulted in steady developments in scientific research and large-scale production. Enlarged premises, improved technology and a greater emphasis on research and development contributed to the company's growth, resulting in the launch of numerous medical products on a national scale. The company continued to expand and in 1955, moved to its current site, which houses a vast production area, several control and research laboratories and administrative offices.

Damor America was founded in 1987 in Melrose Park, Illinois to bring the products into the US market. We are the exclusive importer for the Damor line of products. The Food and Drug Administration approved the Damor Saturation Cream and the Damor Cream Saturated Dressings in December of 1993. The Damor line of products also includes Damor Tissue Moisturizer. All products are available through this website, or by contacting kim@damoramerica.com

DAMOR Wound and Skin Care products are the result of over 50 years of research & development, hundreds of clinical studies and millions of applications worldwide.

The Damor line of products, whose primary active ingredient is the aqueous extract of Triticum vulgare (E.T.V.), was exclusively formulated and developed within the company.

Products in the Triticum vulgare (E.T.V.), range are widely used in the treatment of dermatological and gynecological* conditions. Our health care products are widely sold on the Italian market and are exported overseas. Currently our Triticum vulgare (E.T.V.) health care products are registered and retailed in the following countries: Argentina, Germany, Portugal, South Korea, Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, and the United States.

*Gyenelogical indications are not approved in the United States

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